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Vitaly Vetash & Semira



    Being Russian astrologers, we were interesting in a publication of Russia Flag Up horoscope ('Planet Earth' Aries/Yearbook,1992 vol.11, No.10) But analyzing it thoroughly, we have found a mistake. In the period from October 1991 to February 1992 in Russia time difference from Greenwich was two and not three hours. Then the degree of MC is 10 Taurus, and Ascendent is in 25 Leo. That is a noticeable point for the new Russia (19th of August, in the day of unsuccessful putsch, the Sun was in this degree.)

    Some words about the position of asteroids in the chart. The asteroid Russia (232) in 6 34'Leo conjunct the asteroid America (216) in 6 00'Leo, that reflects relations of our countries in the modern period and an American orientation of modern Russian government. These asteroids are opposing the asteroid Ulyanov (2112, that is the family name of Lenin) in 6 15'Aquarius in conjunction with Saturn (5 10'Aquarius) that points to the refuse from the Lenin's ideas but also an important karmic trace that will return Russia to the analysis of the ideas of the past.

    In the sign of Aquarius, that is the sign of Russia, there are also asteroids Patria (1347) in 22 15'Aquarius near Descendent and Veritas (490) in 19 4'Aquarius. Fides (37) conjunct Slavia (2003) in 29 Aquarius can be interpreted as common faith of Slavs, and has a square to the asteroid Principia (2654) in 29 30'Scorpio that can illustrates political contradictions and struggle between new principles of the outer politics and the solidarity of Slavic countries.

   Chimaera asteroid (623) in 22 45'Scorpio conjunct Pluto and Venus reflects a new idea of sexuality and material abundance unreal and alien for the most of population (because of very low life level in Russia now) but is widely propagandized by radio and T.V.

    The asteroid Union (1585) in 14 3'Pisces opposing Jupiter in 14 35'Virgo shows the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

    Then about two asteroids of main cities - Moscow and Leningrad. The asteroid (787) Moskva in 23 3'Aries is near the asteroid Europa (52) in 24 35'Aries in IX house predicts to Moscow wide perspectives in the European continent. The asteroid Leningrad (2046) in 21 Virgo conjunct Vesta in 22 29'Virgo in IInd house points to material asceticism and restrictions in nourishment and birth-rate, that coincides with the highest level of prices in Leningrad in comparison with other cities of Russia and decrease of it's population in the first time after the blockade of the IInd World War.

    In spite of many characteristics rejecting the former orientation of the country, there are also features of preceding charts of Russia. Sun in Capricorn, Ascendent in Leo as in the chart of USSR foundation (30 of December 1922, 8pm Moscow). But Sun in the Flag Up Chart is opposing the asteroid Fanatica (1589) in 4 27'Cancer that can be interpreted as positive moment.


    The most interesting charts of Russia is for the date of CIS Foundation Agreement (the agreement was assigned the 8th of December 1991 12.17 BGT Byelorussia). There the asteroid Russia (15 30'Aries) opposing the asteroid Utopia (1285) in 15 30'Libra, and the Sun conjunct Ceres like as in horoscope of Revolution of 1917 that created the state of workers and peasants. The point of the 8th of December is evidently important for Russia: it was the 8th of December that in 1812 Napoleon's army had left Moscow and began retreating and the 8th of December in 1941 Hitler's army was defeated near the Moscow in the first time. Searching of such a points seems for us perspective for the theoretical task of creating a chart of ethnos that could reflect the global regularities of the development of a nation.


                                                                  February 1993,Leningrad